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Illegal Immigration And Welfare Numbers

By Jamie Miller

Nearly 300,000 “encounters” at the U.S. Southern Border with illegal immigrants…in December alone. This final number may end up north of 300k, but it is significant. I will continue to ask the question, “Who is paying for the logistics of moving 300k people per month? Who is paying for first aid? Toilet Paper? Human waste cleanup? Garbage disposal? Food? Water? And transportation? (Has anyone else noticed the difference in the quality of clothing of those at the southern border (new clothes and shoes) vs. people fleeing for their lives in war-torn regions of the world (clothes in tatters)? And if no one is paying for it, why isn’t anyone talking about the environmental disaster of illegal immigration? Biden has many failures, but this is the one that may cost motivation (turnout) for his voters this November. A comparison I like to use is the Allied Forces landed ONLY 170,000 men on D-Day (about 85k Americans). So, when people call what is going on at the southern border an “invasion,” they are 100 percent correct. The problem today is that Biden, nor apparently anyone else, can tell the American people who is paying for the invasion.

Illegal Immigrants with “Anchor Babies” use more welfare than U.S. Citizens.

It might be time to change how someone becomes a U.S. Citizen. The U.S. Constitution protects the rights of a “naturalized” citizen. In recent decades, that has come to mean if you are born on U.S. soil, you are a citizen, EXCEPT, if you are born to someone who has allegiance to another country, currently defined as diplomats from other countries who are serving in the U.S. (U.S. Supreme Court Case – United States vs. Wong Kim Ark). Some stats for the Center for Immigration Studies. 1. Nearly 60 percent of illegal immigrant homes use one or more welfare programs (compared to 39 percent for U.S. Citizens). 2. More than half of illegal immigrant homes have one or more children. 3. It might be time for Congress to remove birthright citizenship to those who are born to parents who hold allegiances to other countries than the U.S. As an aside, people should recite or sign the pledge of allegiance to vote.

Jamie Miller website is Reasonable Arguments,


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