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New Data Reveals Top 20 Cities In Florida Most Googled by Real Estate Investors

If you’re looking to invest in Florida Real Estate, new data shows Miami is still the number one spot in Florida.

The information compiled by lending company Hard Money Lenders IO identified the most sought-after Florida cities by real estate investors, ranking Miami as the top choice and Gainesville as the least preferred.

Miami took first place with 2700 monthly searches, followed by Tampa with 1850 and Orlando with 1180. Sarasota ranks 5th with 540 searches despite being 18th in population

Cape Coral and Melbourne also show significant interest, with 500 and 460 searches and Gainesville is ranked last among Westchester, Tallahassee, Palm Bay (which borders Melbourne) and The Villages, all of which have less than 100 searches a month.

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Hard Money Lenders IO said they came up with their findings by analyzing Google search volume data to reveal the top 20 cities in Florida that real estate investors are most interested in.

Combining the most common keywords that real estate investors would type in their real-life searches, such as “real estate market,” “investment properties,” “where to buy investment property,” and using the 100 cities in Florida with the highest population, we analyzed over 1,200 different monthly search volumes on Google.

1       Miami      2700

2       Tampa     1850

3       Orlando  1180

4       Jacksonville    830

5       Sarasota 540

6       Cape Coral      500

7       Melbourne       460

8       Fort Myers       320

9       Fort Lauderdale      220

10    Boca Raton     210

11    Miami Beach  180

12    Ocala       180

13    West Palm Beach  120

14    Pensacola       110

15    Wellington       100

16    Westchester  70

17    Tallahassee    50

18    Palm Bay 50

19    The Villages    50

20    Gainesville      40

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